Tasmania revisited | part 1

During my recent absence from this space, I have scarcely picked up the camera. Life seems to have caught up on me and my days have been overflowing with washing, sorting, cleaning and trying to keep little people happy (or trying to get them healthy). I keep waiting for the day when I finally feel on top of things again... but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get there. Is this constant state of feeling behind on - well, everything - a new reality for me? I keep telling myself that if I just manage to get the house clean, I'll be able to start doing something creative. But I really think it's time to let go of that silly little idea... because, really - a clean house? Elusive dream.

So, until my house is sparkling (don't hold your breath!), I'll leave you with a rather random assortment of holiday snaps from our January Tassie trip. From top to bottom you'll see snippets of a quaint historical village called Ross, rock pools and beaches at Coles bay, the creek running through my friend's property in Margate, the amazing tree walk at Mt Field and, finally, the swimming hole at Margate.

Looking back over these photos, it's incredible how much the girls have changed in such a short time! It's also crazy to think it was so much colder there in the peak of summer than it is here now... in what is supposed to be autumn!



If you were to step inside my home, you would see that I find profound beauty in objects that wear their stories on their surface; the cracks, the bruises, the battle scars of life.

Faded foliage speaks more to me than a fresh bloom. Leather that's scuffed and cracked will always be favoured over the shiny and new. The reverse side of the picture frame reveals the most gorgeous patina; long forgotten and under-appreciated.

I'm making a conscious effort lately to see people in this very same way.

Especially myself.

If I can see profound beauty in these seemingly flawed objects, surely I can embrace imperfections in myself and others in the same way, recognising them as the gifts that they are.

Having a second child is proving to be the ultimate lesson in letting go. I've still got a way to go but I'm slowly accepting the fact that I simply can't be perfect.

More importantly, I'm realising that I don't have to be, either.


wedding photography

Over the last twelve months, I've had the absolute pleasure of capturing memories for some beautiful couples on their wedding day. I've kept things pretty quiet - only taking a few select bookings - as I've been enjoying time with my new baby. However, I am now looking at accepting bookings for later this year and all of next year! If you are getting married (or know of anyone who is) in 2014 / 15, I'd love to hear from you! I am based in North Queensland but am willing to travel (and in some instances, I'll cover most of my travel expenses!) for weddings all over the country.

Please email me oneclaireday(at)gmail(dot)com for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!



"A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Eulalie: Such a tactile creature. If her fingers aren't in her mouth, they're stroking her belly button, or (annoyingly) they're down my top constantly. But yet - despite this somewhat infantile characteristic - this girl is mature beyond her years, so very switched on.

Marguerite: Playing with big sisters toys on big sisters bed is her idea of heaven.

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hello milky | linen for little ones

I recently made the decision to create a shared bedroom for the girls. I love the idea of sisters sharing a sleep space while they're little, and it frees up a room in our house that can be utilised as a shared office / play area. This way, the clutter of toys can be kept out of their bedroom, leaving a calm little retreat filled with books, soft toys, floor cushions and beautiful textiles.

When imagining how the room would look and feel, I knew I wanted to incorporate natural linen bedding. Not only is linen beautiful, it's also extremely practical for kids; getting better with everyday wash and wear (and the more crumpled and 'lived-in' it looks, the better)!

Hello Milky linens are designed and made by hand in Melbourne, Australia. Using eco friendly inks, Jess handprints and/or dyes each individual piece, making every item truly one of a kind. Jess was lovely enough to send me some of her beautiful linens for the girls' new room. I just love that they coordinate without being too "matchy". I chose a toddler doona cover in pink spots for Marguerite and commissioned Jess to make a colourwash single doona cover for Lalie.

When they arrived I literally gasped out loud at the most perfect shade of muted pink! I cannot wait to complete the room and give you the full tour!

Hello Milky is offering one claire day readers 10% off on all orders - just use the code: oneclaireday. 

...but don't delay in pacing an order - The Hello Milky store will be temporarily closing on Friday while Jess is on maternity leave, so she won't be taking orders for a good few months!

It also must be noted that single doona covers are temporarily unavailable, but plenty of toddler/cot sized designs are available plus a variety of sheets, cushions and accessories.

Colourwash doona cover in musk (only toddler size available at this stage)
Linen / cotton toddler donona cover in pink spot
Twinkle star cushion cover in dusty pink
Petite circle cushion in dusty pink/chambray

All items C/O Hello Milky.


strip it back

When life gets overwhelming, the obvious thing to do (apart from bury your head in the sand - something I'm an expert at!) is to strip everything back to basics; free yourself of the physical, mental and emotional clutter. These last few weeks I've been using my spare minutes to reclaim some space in my life. I've decided there's too much 'stuff' in my world taking up precious room that just shouldn't be here.

I'm not only talking about the physical things (I'm dropping 7 full garbage bags at my local Vinnies tomorrow) but more than anything, there's so much emotional baggage that I need to shed, too (if only it was as easy as dropping it at my closest donation bin!).

I've got a multi-leg journey to embark on; one that will see me face a few demons, introduce a few positive changes, and most importantly - embrace my imperfections.

I'm moving on up into the front seat... this is my life; I'm finally showing up and owning it!

 (okay, I'm done. You can start clapping now ;)



Eulalie: The morning of her first ballet class. I asked her to sit on our gorgeous new Marigold rug from Armadillo & Co to put her little dance shoes on ($2 score from the op-shop!). She LOVED the class (and I might have nearly died from the cuteness...)

Marguerite: (confession: This photo was totally taken a couple of weeks ago!) I don't get much one-on-one time with her... it's almost like she just comes along for the (crazy) ride. She's always on my hip as I go about the busyness of the everyday. I love it when we get a moment to lay together on the bed, getting to know each other a little more. How gorgeous is her little onesie, a gift from a treasured friend ...nothing sweeter than a baby in pointelle.

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