A good sister is a sister who knows where you have outstanding lay-by's and one day surprises you by rocking up to your door with a camel toe* in tow.

I spotted this bad girl a few weeks ago in a local homewares store and a fell head over hooves, so to speak. I restrained myself from buying her at the time... but when I went home, I  just couldn't get her out of my head. Of course, at $115 (the Aston Martin of stuffed camels, I tell ya!) I couldn't afford it, so I put her on lay-by (which is what I always do when I know I simply can't afford it!). Anyway, I've been boring everyone to tears about this camel ever since and whining about how lay-by's are a form of torture and I just want it NOW! (must be the gen Y in me). Fortunately, this whining coincided perfectly with my sister getting a promotion and a pay-rise (because she is fabulous) and voilà, we have a camel. Thaaaanks Aunty Steph!

Please welcome the new addition to our family. Her name is Carmel, she's worth every penny and she's settling in to Lalie's nursery just fine.

* I cannot take credit for that vulgar joke - it was Paddy. Sicko.

P.S - Oh, and as far as I know, she's made by a local Mum with a little label called "A Tale to Tell". Unfortunately, I couldn't find an online contact... but if you love this camel as much as I do, never fear my friend... I will have it sorted for you. Just email me.


  1. Brilliant! What a very generous sister you have. I hope Carmel is settling in nicely and Eulalie is being gentle :) p.s. love the room too x

  2. That camel was made for your house, how could you possibly leave it at the store?
    What a great sister you have! Lucky little Eulalie!
    Rach x

  3. i want a sister. i want a sister like that!

    maybe you could do an online e-course in how to style a house as stylishly as this. ? or just send me all your awesome furniture and bits. yeah?


  4. Nice to meet you Carmel. you are simply lovely. xx

  5. this is an awesome camel...I never believe that I would ever say that ;) it is perfect in your place!

  6. Way to go Claire´s sister! well done!

  7. So lovely!!! And the photos with bubby are gorgeous. I'll be emailing you for the details

  8. Your writing is quite funny! I am sick at home, and I loved this little pick me up. Congrats on the Camel. It took me a minute to understand...we call it "lay-away" here, and I was confused. (remember, I am sick today.)

  9. Oh I LOVE Carmel too! No wonder you were going on about her so much... she is adorable and such pretty blanket/saddle she is wearing too. I would love one (for me not the boys!). Lou xx

  10. very cool. And her room is just gorgeous - love all the textiles.

  11. lalie looks like she has the cutest nursery around, you should give us a tour! xx

  12. that camel is amazing! i can definitely see what you had to have it.

  13. Carmel is gorgeous...and as for your stylish abode...dreamy!

  14. Sisters are the BEST

    Camel toe heheheheh

  15. Gorgeous camel and an amazing room! I'm in love with your green cupboard too :)

  16. That camel is hilarious! Love the pompoms on her saddle thing. And love sisters. They are the greatest in so many ways xx
    ps. beautiful pics too, what a gorgeous room Eulalie has!

  17. AHAHAHAHA...I actually haven't read the whole post. I couldn't get past the first paragraph...Camel toe/in tow comment. Hilarious. I actually laughed and nearly fell off my fit ball. Thanks for the giggle.

  18. I love Carmel the Camel! What a find. But honestly, I think I love even more that you lay-by. Kellie xx

  19. Carmel looks right at home :)

  20. I have never wanted a camel more ... totally worth every single cent!

  21. Oh Carmel Camel.... You are simply bootiful..I need to meet your maker as I think I need her to sell on my website soon to be ....lucious x

  22. Oh Carmel, you were made to live in that beautiful room! And I love Paddy's cheeky joke! xx Ps How good is lay-by??!

  23. i just left my sister's side after not seeing her for an entire year. this little story warms my heart. x.

  24. ahahah i'm still waiting for the photo of your.. ehum.

    too far- TOO FARRRRRR!


    when are we seeing Lalies room? I'm sick of waiting.

  25. ha ha!
    But what a great sister and I LOVE the camel -- and your space. And your cute baby. Two enthusiastic thumbs up :)

  26. Wowsers! Can your place get any more beautiful? and how do you pick which photos of your beautiful girl to put on the wall/fridge....there are too many....lucky you have this lovely blog. x

  27. That camel is too amazing, I love it.

    And your sister too, got to love sisters (for camels and sandals)

  28. Very cute, i think it's the beginning of a very long relationship, between Carmel and Eulalie.

  29. Oh amazingness! I never thought I would like a rocking camel but I do... and he so co-ordinates with that chest of drawers! The wee one obviously likes him too :)

  30. Seems to me like Carmel was made for Lalie. I mean, could she match her nursery any better? What a perfect find and a lovely sis you have!

  31. Love it! What an incredibly lucky girl! x

  32. I WANT IT!!!! Any idea on where I might find something like this in the good ole' US of A??? (USA...thought I was being cute) I might could make one, but I don't know. I'd love to know where I could find one. Thanks! BTW, I LOVE your style! I'm also now following you on Pinterest. Just had to! :)

  33. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    OH! Please tell me where i can buy this Camel from!

  34. Do they have anymore camels? I so want one! :) It' so cute. Please let me know i would love to get one. :)

  35. I couldn't find your email address. Could you tell me how I could one of these for my nursery?

  36. Did not expect to end up here when searching for camel toe haha

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  38. I wish there was an online, downloadable pattern for this ADORABLE camel so that I could make each of my grandsons one, (they are 5 and soon to be 3).

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  45. Do you think I can find this camel available in the market today?

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