Can't touch this. Stop (Daddy time).


Scenes from the home.


the magic grip

When all else fails, pass her to papa for his "magic grip". She can have a face the colour of beetroot and be thrashing around like catch of the day - but if you manage to wrangle her into this position...the crying stops almost instantly. It really is magic. Pity my arms aren't long enough for this one - it sure would come in handy when he's at work! Although I think part of the effectiveness is that she enjoys staring at his whiskers - so we'll just leave this one to Daddy!



Oh my - babys first Burberry! My very talented friend, Vogue photographer Nicole Bentley called to ask for my address so she could pop "just a little something" in the post. How adorable and ahem...fabulous! Thanks, Nic!
And how cute is that tote - I should have photographed something with it for scale - it's actually kiddie size for a hip/ earth conscious tot! The brand is Willow & Bird and was sent to us from our awesome friends Bec and Aaron. What a spoilt little newborn!



i'm sorry. i can't help it.



Not even four weeks old and I'm sure I'm seeing the beginnings of non-wind related smiles. Too cute!



We are finally back in our house, one week after Yasi ripped through North Queensland. Yasi hit Tully and Cardwell as a catagory 5 cyclone, but the sheer size of it resulted in Townsville receiving winds of a category 3. We evacuated our old Queenslander and sheltered at my Mums.

Eulalie and I have had a pretty bad week because of the disruption. I've been stressed and I'm sure she can sense it. There is something about the energy after the cyclone - everything has been stirred up and feels displaced. Since coming home, she seems to be a bit more settled, or at least I do.

These are some pictures of our street when we returned. The city is covered in fallen trees and branches, but structurally sound. Lucky us. Now for the clean up.