Tasmania in pictures | Port Arthur

I was a bit reluctant to visit Port Arthur, given the dark history surrounding the area. Paddy is a bit of a history buff and desperately wanted to go, so I finally obliged. I'm glad I did... it really is a spectacular part of the world; a place that seems to be bathed in beauty and steeped in darkness in equal measure. It is wild, rugged and eerily beautiful. It's also a place that makes you stop and think... about our country, our people... about life in general. As we drove away I found myself re-evaluating a few things and, ultimately, feeling very grateful.

We wound down with a visit to Dunalley Fish Markets. After reading this post at Hugo and Elsa, it quickly became a must-do! It was every bit as delicious as she described... definitey worth a trip!


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  1. Beautiful photos. I went about 10 years ago, I was only 18 and the entire place really hit me hard... such a dark history and very eery. I am generally not a superstitious or even a very spiritual person but I struggled with the energy in some of the buildings.

  2. Oh yay! So glad you got to try the best fish and chips ever! Port Arthur is so haunting, on so many levels, but your photos show its beautiful side. x

  3. Port Arthur really is an amazing place. The first time I visited was only a few years after the massacre, then I went again a couple of years ago with a school camp. The atmosphere was very different the second time around. Still incredibly sad, but great to see the tourists coming back.

    Stunning photos, Claire.

  4. We spent some time in Tasmania last year. I too was unsure about visiting Port Arthur, it's more recent history was etched in my mind and I didn't know how I would cope with it. It was probably the highlight of our trip, such a beautiful, thoughtful and sensitive homage to our history. I loved your words and photos x

  5. I'm so grateful for this blog. The way you view the world through your photography is inspirational; you have a true gift for noticing the quiet little wonders of every moment. The shot of the window casting light over the photograph is so powerful. To me it's a perfect visual representation of that conflict you described between the beauty and darkness of the place. And Eulalie's messy bun against the dark water... I can feel that sun in my hair! Just gorgeous. Thanks again for continuing to share these moments with us.

  6. Ooooo I'm origionally from Tasmania :) (currently in SA, hubby is in the RAAF) Port Arthur is such an amazing place! I've lost count as to how many times I've been there with either family or school trips. Beautiful photos!! :) If you ever go back you should do a ghost tour.

  7. every time I see your tassie pictures it makes me want to go there even more..loving that smiling face in the last picture x

  8. Ohhh so many lovely scenes - I still remember a family holiday to Tas when we visited Port Arthur - beautiful and sad and mysterious place xx

  9. Amazing .... making me EVEN MORE DESPERATE to get to Tassie. Kellie xx

  10. Stunning photos Claire, truly beautiful. I agree Port Arthur is worth the visit regardless of its history, such a powerful place. Alison x

  11. I just love the way you capture your family. My fiancé is a photographer on the side and I just told him how much I would love for him to photograph our family in the future haha! x

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